Virtual Feng Shui sessions can improve your life force no matter where you live in the world

Hale has performed hundreds of sessions with clients globally. 

Hale recognizes that you, your space and everything contained within is alive and interconnected.  There is a mutual ongoing conversation. As you become aware of this narrative, you can make changes to your space that tell the story that you really want to tell.

Sometimes a home can contain a stressful and sick frequency because of predecessor energy (the people who lived there before), or due to the fact that it sits on a geopathic stress point, or contains harsh elements in the structure, lighting, architecture, shapes and colors.

An environment is either life affirming and supports good health, success, love and peace, or it can be a draining and challenging place to live, which impedes your ability to manifest at your fullest potential.

A Virtual Feng Shui session is equally as powerful as having Hale in your living room, but at a reduced cost to you.

Upon receiving a Virtual consultation and implementing the recommended cures and enhancements, you may find that you have more energy, vitality, opportunities come easier and relationships are improved. There will be more space in your life for the things you really want!


All I need is a simple sketch of your home or business from a bird’s eye view, or if you have the original floorpan, that works great. You can also, provide me with photographs of the different rooms in your space. If you would like to use your phone to make a video, that would be helpful. I will also require the dates of birth of each occupant of the home and year the property was built. 

Once you book your session, you will receive a questionnaire that needs to be returned 24 hours prior to your session.


  • Exploration of the client’s goals, areas of concern and intentions.
  • A review of the properties predecessor and historical signature.
  • Room by room analysis and suggestions for proper furniture, color, lighting, plants and art placement to maximize flow.
  • Customized cures and enhancements to counteract Feng Shui challenges and to increase prosperity, healthy, creativity, business and relationship success
  • Follow up texts and emails for two weeks following the consult to ensure correct changes were made.
  • An in depth space cleansing process to clear stagnant and negative energy

1.Please submit your request for a remote session to or contact 0404 046 184 , Once you fill out some preliminary information, I will provide you with an exact quote.

2. Submit PayPal payment for the amount discussed during booking enquiry.

3. Send through original floor plan or a simple hand drawn sketch of the floor plan from a bird’s eye perspective. This can usually be obtained from property manager or landlord. Indicate location of all rooms, e.g., bedroom, bathroom, office, living, family, kitchen and the front door.  Please note down who sleeps in each room. 

4. You will receive session guide and questions that need to be returned  24 hours prior to the session date/time.

5. You will receive an in-depth cleansing process which will need to be performed either before or after our session, i will also be performing a distant space clearing on your property and will notify date and time of this distant clearing. 

Investment- $280 (please note that there might be additional charges for larger sites)