Stay Tuned, I am putting together a list of the most awesome people on earth! its not easy to make the cut so i need it to be perfect before i recommend them to you.

PS  – BALANCE is everything, although having a home with healthy Feng Shui is really important, blessing, clearing and healing your land and home is equally as important, however just as important as all of the above is eating a healthy diet, getting enough movement and healing your body with the right practitioners. I almost always recommend acupuncture, chiropractors, naturopaths, TCM doctors, masseuses and many other healing modalities to my clients when they begin there Feng Shui journey. While I am treating your living and working spaces, it is important that you do healing work on your mind and body to make the entire process flow and flourish. I recommend practitioners that will best suit your personal element in Chinese BAZI and a nutritionist that i work with can also help tailor the foods you could be eating based on your particular element.

Dynamic Chiropractic
Dr Amy Norman – Chiropractor & Chiropractic Neuro-rehabilitation
Nourished By You
Bianca Ventimiglia –  Nutritionist
Balanced Building Biology
Senri Osso – Building Biologist
Phone 0406736802 
Natural Healing and Wellness
Renae – Reiki + Essential Oils
Phone 0420608531
Phone 0401578904
Water Proofing and Water Damage Expert
Paul Ratcliffe – BWR Australia
Phone 02 99799781