Meet Hale Oney, Accredited – Certified practitioner of Feng Shui, Real Estate Licensee, Space Clearer, Geobiologist, Building Biologist, proud holistic mamma of 2 beautiful children and passionate about holistic approaches to health, wellness, homes and parenting. Prior to becoming a Feng Shui/ Environmental Consultant, Hale managed various Fitness Centers specializing in training and mentoring management teams as well as client wellness and retention.

Whether you are meeting Hale during one of her life changing workshops or enjoying her appearances giving educational talks on Feng Shui, Real Estate and all things Evil Eye at many different locations around the globe, or simply meeting her for your own personal consultation, once you experience her passion and dedication to her field you will know that the universe has placed you in the right hands and the right time.

While Studying Feng Shui was when Hale first became exposed to Building Biology, which inspired her to pursue the study of how indoor and outdoor environments and the homes we chose to live in affected our health. One of the most saddening problems that Hale has seen is how in recent years the health of our children has declined so rapidly. There are more incidences of childhood conditions such as Autism, Asthma, Allergies, and ADHD than ever before. Much of this is due to the over toxicity of our bodies due to the ever decreasing purity of our living environments. 

One of Hale’s main passions is to help create safe and healthy homes for children, as well as educate parents in order to reestablish the balance of health for there children. Hale is truly one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to the energetic imbalances people have in there living and working spaces. It is clearly evident when meeting her that she takes every new clients journey personally and  won’t give up until she is confident that she has transformed and educated you on your energy and environment.

“One of the most honest mystics i have ever come across with a very rare, humble and honest soul, always speaking in favor of truth and ancient wisdom. With a profound gift of spending moments in your home or workplace and being able to identify how your physical environment is contributing towards your medical, spiritual, emotional and social concerns, she is definitely someone you need to have on board when choosing your new home or business space, building a new home, or simply because you need a major shift in your life.

5 minutes into your consultation it will be very clear to you that you are going to walk away from the consultation a new person with a new way of looking at the world, yourself, energy and your living spaces.” 

Hale is available for in-home consultations, workshops and presentations covering Feng Shui, Real Estate, Metaphysics, Sacred Space Clearings, Geomancy, Chinese Astrology, Building Biology, Evil Eye clearing in different cultures, Auspicious Date selection, Suburb selection for homes and businesses based on Individual clients elements and many more interesting talk topics. She is available for bookings throughout Sydney and Greater Wollongong (Illawarra). Domestic and International consultations are also available for a very reasonable and affordable investment. Phone consultations available world wide. 

Get to know me better … 

Personally, i don’t like quick and short biographies and about me sections on websites when choosing a practitioner for myself. I want to know the story about where you came from, what studies you have undertaken, your life experiences and how you began your journey which led you to be great in your field, your personal experiences you have lived through and even some other random life facts. This gives me confidence when picking up the phone to make a booking that i am calling the right practitioner, that i can relate to them somehow and they truly sound like they will be able to help me.  So if you are also someone like me, please keep reading to get to know me better : )

After completing my studies gaining an Advanced  Diploma of Community Services Welfare, I set off to study a policing degree while working as a security officer in the process of my studies. During this period of my life while doing security work, I was exposed to a very different side of the human race that included plenty of crime. I realised that the police force would be a very similar experience to working as a security officer which led me to walk away from the policing career path completely.

After holding a few jobs in Sales & Management in the interim of deciding what career my heart was guiding me towards, I decided that health and fitness was where I needed to be working, hence the next 7 years where I was senior client retention manager for Fitness First Australia, coaching, mentoring, training fit and healthy staff, creating harmonious work and training environments for staff and members and retaining clients that were about to give up their health and fitness journey.

Apart from the corporate side of my life, my spare days for the last 9 years were taken up by buying, renovating and selling run down properties with my partner, this is where I developed a love for renovating and interior design. I become obsessed with finding properties that were broken, ruined and falling apart and rehabilitating them back to life again, it was also during these experiences when I realised the energetic importance of people’s homes and locations. 

I ran my own small business named Blessed Blue on the side, an alternative business performing evil eye energy clearing (using an ancient Turkish method), land now also all things Feng Shui, Geomancy , Building Biology and Real Estate.

“One day as i was going for walk to take a break from being a mummy for an hour, i began to think about all of the things in life that made me feel good, sleep deprived from nursing my newborn baby and being energetically drained from the challenges of  being a mummy for the first time. I remembered that i always felt great after my mum performed an evil eye clearing session on me using her ancient Turkish tools and rituals and smothered me in prayers, i also knew how great my friends and family felt after i performed the sessions on them as well. I remembered how great the ocean made me feel weather it be swimming or just by simply being close to it. Before i set off for my walk that day i was also researching different brands of alkaline water systems that i could install in our home as i only wanted my family to be drinking fluoride free, alkaline water. As i walked and thought about evil eye energy clearings, the ocean and alkaline water systems, the name Blessed Blue was born in my mind. The ocean was blue, even though the colour of water is actually clear : ) we used blessed water in our evil eye clearings and i was excited about the idea of creating an Alkaline Water range that had been blessed one day (Stay tuned on the Alkaline Water Journey) The name felt perfect and made me feel really happy, i came home and registered BLESSED BLUE strait away and here we are so many years later with the new evolved blessed blue journey”.

During many of my lead pouring (evil eye energy clearing) sessions, I was told by few clients that the suggestions I was giving them reminded them of Feng Shui practices, as I had never heard of this term Feng Shui before, a night of research made it very clear that Feng Shui had to be the next part of my journey. Discovering a clear link between so many different cultures having similar practices for energy clearing and bringing balance to their homes and lives, made me realize I was definitely on the right path and that no matter what cultures healing modality I was practicing or chose to study, energy was energy.

I decided to become formally qualified and commenced an Advanced Diploma of Feng Shui through The Australian College of Environmental Studies as they are the only government accredited course of Feng Shui in Australia. While studying Feng Shui, I also went onto studying Chinese Astrology, Building Biology, Creating Sacred Spaces, Geobiology and discovered that we are surrounded by so many different layers and levels of environmental and energetic stresses, and living a healthy life was so much deeper than just eating right and exercising. For the duration of my studies I was exposed to information that I had NEVER in my life thought about before, this new information completely transformed my own personal life and rescued my family from many health obstacles. It changed the way i looked at spaces and choosing homes and workplaces was no longer just looking at cosmetically enhanced beautiful buildings anymore.

Building Biology was a serious game changer for me. My family called it a curse, a curse of knowing too much information about healthy spaces, no home was healthy enough on our hunt for a new dwelling, Sydney was full of sick buildings and over 50% of the population suffered from sick building syndrome. 

During my Feng Shui and Metaphysical studies over the past 4 years was when I got my first glimpse of the beautiful art form called “The Four Pillars of Destiny” – Chinese Astrology really was the icing on the cake for me, it was the final missing piece of knowledge I felt I needed to tie together everything I had learnt and practiced over the years. Chinese astrology showed me that health, wealth, love, good fortune, happiness and harmony would be challenging unless we balanced ourselves with the correct elements and understood our four pillars of destiny. It showed me that living in a perfectly Feng Shui balanced home wasn’t the main priority and that the person living in that home had to be balanced first. I studied the 5 elements in so much detail and realised the connection between imbalance in our lives and the materials our home decor and furniture was made from, the environments we chose to live in and even the colors we wore, the artwork we surround ourselves with and the foods we chose to consume. Did you know that each food on earth belongs to one of the 5 elements! 

Through my life journey I have been exposed to alternative ideas, energy concepts, philosophies, universal laws, quantum physics and metaphysics and I fell in love with it all! After finally discovering that i am the biggest empath i have ever known, i began to train my sensitivity as my core strength and not my weakness, I developed my ability to heal myself and others by understanding the mind and body and energy medicine. I continued to learn about the body’s electromagnetic field, our super quantum matrix containing information about our ancestral influences, karmic issues, fate and destiny. I discovered astral travelling, spirit animals, our guides and angels and the power of our human collective consciousness. I constantly searched to understand everything on a deeper level and am still to this day searching. Almost every week I come into some new information whether it be from a new book I have picked up, a new documentary or even a random conversation with another human being from another culture, where my mind gets blown away with how deep life, earth, spirituality, energy and everything really is.

After years and years of observing humans and life in general it is clear to me that everything starts from an energetically healthy spirit, mind, body, home and environment. There is an unseen world of energy in your space, from previous owners, past trauma, illness, arguments, land disturbances, furniture and emotions that you are most likely not aware of however these energies affect you on a daily basis.

Your home is not just a collection of complex assembled materials for shelter, it is not an inanimate physical structure, unseen vibrating energy fields which go out in ripples and pretty much like the effect you get when you drop a stone in a pool, is received and stored in your home. This energy is recorded in the walls, the floor, the ceiling, the furniture, the land, objects and plants, it gets imprinted in the very fabric of the structure of your home, every cubic centimeter of the space you find yourself in, whether it’s solid or seemingly empty space, is composed of infinite energy. This energy responds to human thought and intention, a Feng Shui, Geomancy and Building Biology consultation combined with a Space Clearing for your home can truly enhance and rehabilitate your life on a magical level that really cannot be expressed in words.

I have also completed my 2 year studies of Licencing in the Real Estate industry and am now a fully qualified real estate licence holder. I have combined my Real Estate, Feng Shui and Metaphysics knowledge all into one and now help clients Feng Shui stage their homes when selling and also help buyers when moving into their new space to choose homes and locations that best suit their elemental needs. I often provide consultations, seminars and training on Feng Shui and its role in many applications, working very closely with real estate agents, builders, architects, interior designers, investors, developers, home owners, buyers and sellers.

In the world of Feng Shui and generally metaphysics, there is much diversity, for me any spiritual techniques such as Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Geomancy, Evil Eye Clearing etc should ideally meet the following criteria:

  • Be old enough to have been tested over many generations
  • Have a consistent logic in their teachings and applications
  • Allow for a deeper connection to the natural world
  • Come from a place of love and light whereby no humans, animals or mother earth suffers any harm during the process of your healing journey

In the end I am merely a gardener that will help you plant the seeds of your bright future and give you the right soil to grow in (through Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Geomancy – earth acupuncture, Energy Clearing and deciphering your Four Pillars of Destiny), which ever consultation you take with me, this is because you have a calling for something greater than your current life.

Welcome to the new you.

Stay Blessed

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TIP: When choosing a consultant please check their training credentials, client testimonials and professional experience. Feng Shui takes many years to master.