Feng Shui for Real Estate Investors, Property Development and Property Management

  • Are you a real estate investor and want to make sure your real estate investments are successful?
  • Are you buying rental property and want to maximize your ROI?
  • Are you a developer interested in using Feng Shui to enhance your property development?
  • Are you an architect who works with real estate investors and developers and would like to offer professional, high quality Feng Shui services to them?
  • Are you a property management company experiencing difficulty with your existing buildings?
  • Are you a Feng Shui enthusiast looking at investing in real estate development?

By using the secrets of Scientific Feng Shui I can help you maximize your ROI to help you selling and managing your property successfully.

When you acquire a property and you are planning to derive financial income from it, the Feng Shui of that property is also just as important. If it is rental space (residential or commercial alike), making sure the property has good Feng Shui will assure that your tenants will always do well, and hence be able to pay their rent, reduce turn-over and be able to maintain market value. In addition, experience shows us that buildings with good Feng Shui need less maintenance because things don’t break down as much (with less headaches and expenses for the landlord). So, as you can see you can have good karma and good R.O.I. too.

If the property has good Feng Shui, your tenants will feel very comfortable in the space and will stay longer (minimizing your turn-over). Moreover, when these tenants leave, the amiable energy of the property will naturally attract more tenants faster than if the property didn’t have good Feng Shui.

In my long career as a Feng Shui Practitioner I have consulted numerous times for people looking to rent new spaces for both residential and commercial, and have noticed that the properties remaining vacant have often challenging Feng Shui. And what does a “good” building manager do when there are vacant spaces in their building? They lower the rent to keep all the units occupied. And thou it is a standard practice, it also results in loss of income for the landlord.

It also doesn’t solve the underlying problem of the building itself, and so people do move in, they then either aren’t happy there or do poorly and run out of funds and end up moving out or worse, staying for free. Which, again, results in a loss of income for the landlord. This is not a management problem, it is a Feng Shui problem.

Investment- $480 per site consultation, includes a detailed 30+ page report.

(Real estate agents, developers, investors who are interested in having multiple sites reviewed will receive a discount for more than 1 site bookings)


Feng Shui Property Certification Service

All of my Feng Shui consultations now offer a quality Feng Shui Property Certification upon request. The purpose of this certification service is to acknowledge the Feng Shui quality of a space or a project that i consulted on, existing or under design, giving added value to the building for our client’s benefit as well as their tenants and buyers.

Feng Shui Property Certification is now available for:

  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Real Estate Residential Properties
  • Real Estate Commercial Properties
  • Multi-Unit Buildings
  • Multiple Buildings Projects

The Feng Shui Property Certification is released after a Feng Shui consultation has been carried out and the Feng Shui recommendations provided have been implemented. 

Feng Shui Property Certifications are issued only upon request. 

Notes & Disclaimers:

  • The Property Certification will remain valid for 5 years from the date it is issued. It can then be renewed every 5 years by having a consultation update on the building’s current conditions, quality, and appearance. If a consultation update is not done, the certificate will expire by default.
  • Any renovation, addition, or any kind of structural changes made to a property other than by our recommendations will cause our Property Certification to expire by default. In this case, a new Property Certification can be obtained after a follow-up consultation has been carried out on the building.