Evil Eye in Islam

Evil Eye (Nazar) 

According to Islam the “evil eye” is real, as Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم). said: “The evil eye is real. The evil eye is from two sources: 1) the evil eye from mankind  2) the evil eye from Jinn.

The evil eye from mankind is confirmed in many narrations, as Abu Sated (radiallahu anh) said the Prophet  (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said to seek refuge from jinn’s and the evil eye from mankind. As for evil eye from jinn’s, it has been narrated by Umm Salamah (radiallahu anhaa) that the Prophet  (صلى الله عليه و سلم) saw in his house a slave girl and in her face was sa faa’ah, upon which the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم)  said: ” Seek Ruqyah for her, for verily she is afflicted with a look (evil eye). ” The scholars have said “As-sa-faa’ah”  is the evil eye from Jinn’s.

The reason for the evil eye is mostly because of envy (envy is to wish for the prevention of bounty for another person, even though the envier doesn’t wish for this bounty). The reality of envy is the result of hatred and malice, which is the result of anger. The evil eye is like an arrow or spear that leaves the soul of the envier and goes to the person that is envied. It afflicts the person envied at times and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t afflict him, it is because of the protective methods he uses (whether supplications, seeking refuge, etc.) Also, when it doesn’t afflict him, the evil eye can return to the envier.

The Medicine of the Prophet 

What is an important fact to know is that the evil eye has no effect except by Allah’s will. A man can give himself the evil eye and he can also give it to others. It can afflict someone without even being seen by the envier. For example, a blind man cannot see a person, but he can still cast the evil eye, or perhaps if the person is not around and  they are described to the envier without being seen by him, it can afflict that person. It can also be afflicted by one being amazed at himself without being envious to himself or others. The evil eye can be done by anyone, even a loved one or a righteous person. So, it is incumbent on each and every one of us to take the necessary precautions and try to prevent being affected by the evil eye, and to say the supplications and remembrance upon seeing something amazing and good. If anything were to overtake the divine decree (al-qadar) it would be the evil eye.” 

The Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم),  said after destiny( al-qadar ) my Ummah  will die mostly due to  Evil Eye.

The Treatment of the Evil Eye

Treatments before the evil eye occurs:

* Protect yourself and those whom you fear for from it with remembrances, supplications and seeking refuge that is in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah, as is mentioned in the first category for the treatment of magic.

*Supplicate for whom you fear might be afflicted with it  (if you see something within yourself, your wealth, your son, your  brother or anything that amazes you) with blessing. From the statement of the Prophet (saws).

” If anyone says from his brother what amazes him, let him supplicate for him with blessings: This is what Allah wills, there is no strength  except with Allah, O Allah bless him with it. ”

*Guard anything or anyone that is attractive and may be a recipient of the evil eye. This means:

1) When a person has a beautiful family he should guard them by seeking  protection from Allah for them, teaching and commanding them to do so and also by dressing them properly not to expose their bodies or beauty so as not to be envied and affected by the evil eye. The Prophet (saws) used to seek protection for Hassan and Hussein by saying:

” I seek refuge for both of you in the perfect words of Allah and from every satan, vermin, and from every evil eye.”

2) If someone has wealth, he should guard it by asking Allah to bless and protect it and be thankful to Allah.

3) If someone has good news and he knows people will envy him because of it, he should guard it by keeping it secret.

If you know a person is famous for being envious and is known to affect  people with the evil eye, it is important to keep away from them.

The Arabic word al-hasad means envy. It is to wish that the blessings of another be taken away from him or her and given to you so that you can be in a higher state than that person. Or to desire that a blessing be taken from another so that you may at least feel that you are the equal of that person – misery loves company. The concept of hasad includes hating to see someone superior or better off than yourself, disliking it when someone else receives a bounty, or wishing that someone else would lose some blessing they have, for example good looks, talent, property, wealth etc.

Envy is one of the major sins because the envier is expressing displeasure with ALLAH’s authority to bestow his blessings upon his creations. Qur’an: 4: 54-55:

“Or do they envy men for what ALLAH has given them of His bounty? Then We have already given the family of Abraham the Book of Wisdom, and conferred upon them a great kingdom. Of them were (some) who believed in him (Muhammad) and of them were some who averted their faces from him and enough is Hell for burning (them)…”

Prophet Muhammad (May the peace and blessings of GOD be upon him) was reported to have said: “Jealousy eats away at good deeds, just as fire eats away at firewood.” 

In another hadith: It was reported by Abu Huraira (may ALLAH be pleased with him) that the Messenger of ALLAH (may ALLAH’s peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Do not be envious of one another; do not artificially raise prices against one another; do not hate one another; do not turn your back on each other; and do not undercut one another in business transactions. And be, [O] servants of ALLAH, bretheren. A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim. He does not wrong him. He does not fail him [when he needs him]. He does not lie to him. And he does not show contempt for him. Piety is here” – and he pointed to his chest three times. “It is enough of evil for a person to hold his brother Muslim in contempt. All of a Muslim is inviolable to another Muslim: his blood, his wealth and his honour.” (Muslim).

Envy can be overcome by acknowledging GOD’s favours upon you, by sincerely wanting for others what you want for yourself and by believing that the blessings of GOD are infinite, someone else does not have to be deprived of their blessings for you to be blessed.

The best protections against the evil eye are those that bring one closer to Allah through remembrance, prayer, and reading of the Quran. 

Pray for blessings on another: Muslims do often say Mashallah, when praising or admiring someone or something, as a reminder to themselves and others that all good things come from Allah. Jealousy and envy should not enter the heart of a person who believes that Allah has bestowed blessings on people according to His will.

Ruqyah: This refers to the use of words from the Quran which are recited as a way of curing an afflicted person. Reciting ruqyah, as advised by the Prophet Muhammad, has the effect of strengthening the faith of a believer, and reminding him or her of Allah’s power. This strength of mind and renewed faith may help one to resist or fight against any evil or illness directed his or her way. Allah says in the Quran, “We send down stage by stage in the Quran, that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe…” (17:82). The recommended verses to read include: Surah Al Fatiha, Ayat Al-kursi, Al-Falaq and An-Nas.

If you are reciting ruqyah for another person, you may add: “Bismillaahi arqeeka min kulli shay’in yu’dheeka, min sharri kulli nafsin aw ‘aynin haasid Allaahu yashfeek, bismillaahi arqeek (In the name of Allah I perform ruqyah for you, from everything that is harming you, from the evil of every soul or envious eye may Allah heal you. In the name of Allah I perform ruqyah for you).”

Du’a: It is recommended to recite some of the following duas.

Hasbi Allahu la ilaha illa huwa, ‘alayhi tawakkaltu wa huwa Rabb ul-‘arsh il-‘azeem.” Allah is sufficient for me; there is no god but he. On Him is my trust, He is the Lord of the Mighty Throne” (Quran 9:129).

A’oodhu bi kalimat-Allah al-tammati min sharri maa khalaq.” I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allah from the evil of that which He has created.

A’oodhu bi kalimat-Allah al-tammati min ghadabihi wa ‘iqabihi, wa min sharri ‘ibadihi wa min hamazat al-shayateeni wa an yahduroon.” I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allah from His wrath and punishment, from the evil of His slaves and from the evil promptings of the devils and from their presence.

“A’oodhu bi kalimaat Allaah al-taammah min kulli shaytaanin wa haammah wa min kulli ‘aynin laammah.” I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allaah, from every devil and every poisonous reptile, and from every bad eye.

“Adhhib al-ba’s Rabb an-naas, wa’shfi anta al-Shaafi, laa shifaa’a illa shifaa’uka shifaa’ laa yughaadir saqaman.” Take away the pain, O Lord of mankind and grant healing, for You are the Healer, and there is no healing but Your healing that leaves no trace of sickness.

Water: If the one who cast the evil eye is identified, it is also recommended to have that person make wudu, and then pour the water over the person who was afflicted in order to rid them of the evil.

Please note: The above information has been put together from articles i have come across online, i would love to hear your thoughts?

I have researched evil eye across many different religions and cultures and have come to realise that it exists in almost every one of them. Every culture has some form of protection prayer and also a cleansing ritual against negative energy. I do personally believe that prayer combined with certain metaphysical practices are the best method of treating evil eye. I travel often and one thing i love to do is seek out evil eye removal or energy clearing from every country i travel to. I do this mainly to find the similarities between cultures and to help gather information for my book on Evil Eye i hope to write one day, i also do this because i like to incorporate things into my method that feels right. Funnily enough, each culture treats curing evil eye in a very similar manner. 

A random story for you: This is something that i often experience with my children. When ever either one of my children get sick, i use these days as an extra opportunity to prove to them the power of god and prayer. I start off the morning by giving them a bunch of different vitamins, usually (elderberry syrup, vitamin c powder, oregano/ thyme oil tincture, probiotics etc).

When they are really unwell and i don’t see them improving even the slightest bit and showing signs they are in great physical pain, after trying to talk them through managing the pain naturally, we sometimes end up giving them some kind of western pain relief.

The moral to this story is that by the time they end up taking the medication, there little bodies have experienced “physical pain”. Even though they are kids, they can express to us that “Its really hurting, my heads sore, my tummy is sore, my body doesn’t feel well etc” . Here comes the interesting part, each time we result in giving them pain relief (we still tell them that it is vitamins they are taking) immediately after they consume it , i get out the Quran and my dua book. I explain to the children that the vitamins are not working because maybe these germs are extra strong and that i know for a fact that god can help them if they say some prayers. I verbally smother them in prayers and get them to recite some also, i get them to say prayers for each other and even ask god to help the pain in their body go away in 10 minutes. 

Why do i do this?, let’s be honest, we have all ended up taking pain relief as adults and i know when taking it myself that after letting myself suffer with a headache all day refusing to take medicine and be all natural, 5-10 minutes after taking pain relief, it actually works!!!!. It might not be the best thing for you and it might have long term side effects and yes we should all learn to manage pain naturally and not just sedate pain, we should live organically and naturally as possible and try to avoid chemists period but unfortunately sometimes we end up giving in.  So i do this because i know that in 10 minutes there tiny bodies are going to stop feeling pain and that they are going to remember for the rest of their lives that god always helps them when they ask him too and even loves them so much that he sticks to the 10 minute request they made.

Now ofcourse in 10-15 minutes they feel great, we have a very long conversation about how amazing god is and how much he must love them, the kids jump around “Mummy my throat actually doesn’t hurt right now when i swallow or my tummy is better etc etc etc”  They are baffled at how quickly god rescued them from hurting and they are thankful. They trust that no matter what issue they are facing, they should call upon god.  Even though they usually start to feel crappy again after sunset and the meds wear off, there faith in god is so high.

Please note: this isn’t the only time we talk to the kids about god however i really try to turn negatives into positives, rather than feeling shitty with myself that i had to give my children medication and stressing about them being sick, i channel that energy into a positive. 

Ok now the actual moral to the story? did the vitamins all end up working?, was it the pain relief or was it god? what helped the pain go? would the meds work without the prayer part of our story? or maybe it was the body collaborating after the massage, shower, vitamins, and alkaline water and it wasn’t the vitamins and pain relief at all? i don’t know? i say god overrides all, but i also know that i have taken meds in the past that have worked without me praying that day???

I have also experienced going to alternative healing practitioners to get acupuncture, riekie, massage etc and they have all worked as well with no prayer or medication that day???

I have also experienced performing evil eye removal or space clearing for people who dont pray at all who will thank me for the rest of there life as they felt relief after clearing themselves or homes???

I also believe that god has gifted each individual on earth with some gift and those healing practitioners would not be good at what they do nor have studied these healing modalities without the hand of god, so placing yourself in the care of a doctor or a chiropractor, acupuncturist etc is fine and will work  because they were brought to you by god. (but can you imagine how great you might feel if you tried praying and also using these services???) something to think about… because isn’t the whole point of life to remember god on your darkest and even on your best day??? i think so, what’s the point of going to use services and feeling great (by service providers brought to you by god, that gifted hairdresser, the GP, the physiotherapist you use, the dentist, every person on earth who is performing a services that they are good at wouldn’t be where they are for you to utilize without god).

Sometimes we get so caught up in feeling good and looking good and finally healing that we don’t stop and appreciate how it all happened for us. You could live around the corner or a couple of doors down from a doctor or a practitioner of some kind that offers the services for something that you have been seeking for such a long time, but if you are on the wrong path or take things like prayer for granted , i feel they just won’t get revealed to you. 

When it comes to evil eye removal, many cultures have different methods of physically/ manually removing the evil eye, lead pouring, burning herbs, oil and water, salt cures, i can name thousands. These same cultures also believe in wearing a particular item on your body such as the evil eye, red chillies, hamsa and even hanging certain things around the home for protection. The manual removal methods are also written in religious documents from thousands of years ago and shared down through many generations in Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism etc. Almost every culture has a prayer and manual removal method for evil eye. 

Now I also always share this example as well. Imagine the earth hundreds of years ago when we were all still living a very tribal life. Imagine a tribe from each direction of the globe ended up building a boat and all ended up on this one massive island together. Upon meeting each other for the first time they all came to realise that they had all created some form of protection method for their feet. Some had made a shoe like thing from leather, some had used wood under there feet and some had used strong plants etc…You get the point, each tribe had created a version of the modern day shoe.

Now even though these humans had never before even known that other humans existed, they all used their brains after experiencing pain on the bottoms of there feet from walking through harsh terrains, to come up with what we now know as a shoe. Now I don’t know about you, but something that has been tried and tested and created hundreds of years ago and that actually helps protect my feet! I’m going to wear shoes! I’m never going to stop wearing shoes. It works, its safe, its tried and tested and it exists in every culture!

The same applies to evil eye, when tribe A starts talking to tribe B and they both talk about this particular thing called evil eye and how Tribe A remove it by talking salt water baths, and tribe B remove it by lead pouring and tribe Z remove it by wearing an image of an eye on their neck (you get my drift) well these methods of healing and clearings came from hundreds and thousands of years ago, they have been around longer than you and me and will be here long after we are gone. They exist in all cultures, each culture practicing a different method yet trying to heal the same thing (NEGATIVE ENERGY). I don’t know about you but I like going all out when trying to protect myself. Not only am I going to use prayer, I want the whole package, I want to use what each culture uses to protect myself from Evil Eye, that’s why I think it is so important not to worry so much about overthinking if the method you are using is the truest form of evil eye removal ? Or is it right ? or is it wrong? According to me – if it starts with and ends with a prayer to god, uses manual methods that have been tried, tested, documented and passed down through the ages, sounds logical and doesn’t contain anything evil or harmful towards another in the act, then go for it.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Contact me to find out more about my META SHUI package, it is a combination of methods to clear evil eye created from many different cultures around the world.

Stay Blessed

Hale Oney 


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