Everything is Energy

Everything is energy. At home, we see that in our family, our friends, our pets, children and ourselves. We know we are all alive with energy.

However this also includes your furniture, your plants, your curtains, accessories, walls, floors and light fixtures. Absolutely everything is energy, when you start communicating with the energy around you (really connecting to that energy) you can create a truly magnetic community at home that is fully supportive of your dreams.

I know this may sound mystical, but it is true and has also been scientifically proven.

Just look at the Rice Experiment and how grains of uncooked rice are affected by the energy you bring them every day.

Now, consider your home. Do you complain about things that seem out of reach to replace right now?

The sofa you can’t stand, the floors you want to redo, the closet that’s never right… it’s all frustrating and we all tend to have that mattress or door handle or something that is just not working, or the appliance, or the computer, or… or… or…

Then there are how things are put together, or not put together. The room that feels disjointed, the space you can’t figure out, the lone plant that struggles, the stuff that’s not coming together.

All is part of one big matrix of energy.

If you are in a room full of people (like at a big dinner or a party) and things just aren’t coming together and you’re the host, what would you do?

I bet you’d introduce people who you think would get along. And then maybe you’d talk to the people who were loners to bring them out of their shell. Maybe you’d see that a few people had places to go and you realize the energy would be better without them at the moment because they’re antsy to leave so you make plans to see them another day and they leave. You’d probably change the music to get people in a more festive mood. Maybe bring out snacks or drinks. Open some windows or start a fire in the fireplace.

You’d bring a community together because you’re the host and you want to have an event where everyone is connecting and having fun, right?

The same goes for your home. You are creating a community of energy.

Those pillows may not want to live on the couch and those lone plants may do better in a group. The stuff that’s been a source of complaints may have overstayed its welcome, or may need a makeover it’s been asking for so that it’s happier and you’re happier with it around.

When you make a deep connection to the energy around you, it will serve you in powerful ways. Suddenly, you will love more and more of what you have. You will know more of what feels right to rearrange, change and shift. You will keep more harmony around you and feel more in sync and more present rather than being in a space where you think you can only be happy when things change.

Your home will thank you and so will your whole life.

Stay Blessed


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