Please note that I, Hale Oney am not a doctor and that all references to healing are metaphysical, no claims are made to diagnose, treat or cure diseases or anything of the like. Anything suggested to try on this website and throughout your reports is merely suggested for educational and inspirational purposes. If you choose to take on board any of the advice offered throughout your personal reports and other suggestion found on these pages, you will be doing so at your own risk and your own responsibility.

Feng Shui, Geomancy, Healthy Home, Building Biology, Real Estate, Chinese Astrology and Space Clearing suggestions given on my website, social media pages and during your consultations and reports are based on a combination of ancient wisdom and practices along with western, metaphysical and spiritual environmental studies from around the world, however the adoption and application of the advice or information offered during a consultation should not be used as an alternative to other professional advice.

All of the images or content on my site and reports are either mine or are attributed to their original source (or the most original source I can find). If I have used an image or content of yours and did not properly attribute it, or you want it removed, I am happy to do either. I love to share informative articles, posts and beautiful imagery. Often times in the land of social media, the original author of a post gets lost in the trail of sharing. If i have shared anything belonging to you, please contact me so that i can credit you. If you use any images or content from my site that are my own, please link back to their source. Also, if you would like to share my articles, I ask that you credit me as the writer and do not make any alterations to the text.  In addition, because my approach to Feng Shui, Evil Eye Removal, Creating Sacred Spaces, Energy Clearing, Geobiology, Chinese astrology and Metaphysics is unique in many senses, if I inspire you to write on a topic, please credit the ideas appropriately.  We all have unique contributions to make in our fields – let’s honour all of our accomplishments as our own.

Stay Blessed 

Hale Oney

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