Four Pillars of Destiny (Chinese Solar Astrology)? 

The Four Pillars of Destiny is a Chinese astrological concept that a person’s destiny or fate can be divined by the two sexagenary cycle characters assigned to their birth year, month, day, and hour. Four Pillars of Destiny is one of the branches of Chinese Astrology. Using this technique, one is able to draw up a blue print or map of a person’s life and advise them on what action to take during various phases of their life. The translation from Chinese is strictly ”Four Pillars from which Destiny can be deduced”.

Chinese astrology differs in important ways from western astrology, it relies heavily on the Chinese lunisolar (moon and sun) calendar.

Four pillars of destiny can tell the kind of relationship the person has with their parents, superiors, subordinates, spouse, friends and siblings, what kind of career they will most likely be successful in, whether it is a favorable time or not to start that new business or project, wealth prospects and character. It can also identify when to grasp opportunities and when to reflect and learn a new skill. Can we change our destiny? This map or blueprint itself cannot be changed, it is what we were born with, however, if we understand our chart and take appropriate action then we will be doing the right thing at the right time. When we do this we are better able to overcome obstacles during challenging times and better able to grasp opportunity during favorable times.

A Four Pillar analysis can also be used to determine the astrological significance of other events, depending on the year, month, day and hour when they occur. Good luck does not realise its full potential all by itself. It takes action at the right time. If you don’t go out to meet opportunity when it arrives how will it know you welcome it? 

The 10 Heavenly Stems and the 12 Earthly Branches are the building blocks or characters that form the foundations of Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology. Every person from their moment of birth will have a unique configuration of these elements that is an indication of their personal qualities as well as energetic qualities and potentials. This configuration can be drawn out and is called a natal chart. From the chart, a person’s general characteristics, personality qualities, life themes and energy dynamics can be identified and illuminated. These also include the type of relationships a person will tend to have and their dynamics, creativity and expressive potential, career preferences and potential for achievement and status, money and financial prospects, health dynamics, personal strengths and weaknesses etc. In fact all the themes of life and their influence can be identified and assessed from a chart. This may seem extraordinary that so much can be identified but skilled analysis can reveal all these qualities.

Study and analysis of a Four Pillars of Destiny chart gives us a deep and insightful insight and reveals an immense amount of information into all the areas and themes of our lives.

Personal Characteristics – Personal Characteristics and qualities such as introvert, extrovert, expression, strengths and weaknesses etc, a great insight into understanding and consequently accepting the self and our inherent qualities.

Life Themes – Which life themes are emphasised in any chart, indicate potential for prosperity and financial success, good health, and relationships, etc. For example characters of money in the chart can indicate potentials for a career and success in business. We may have potential in all areas but the Chart and the Luck Pillars will show which are more predominant and our emphasis.

Personal Energetics – Energetics as interpreted by the Chinese System of the Five Elements. This aspect is fundamental to chart assessment and manifests particularly in our Health, not just physical but also our psychological, emotional, spiritual Health etc.

Relationships – The type of relationships we attract and how to bring balance, harmony and empower relationships. A chart will reveal all relationships in our lives including parents, siblings, friends, partner business associates etc. What are their dynamics and how can we make them work.

Relationship compatibility can also be interpreted, this being a popular application for couples and potential couples.

Education, Career and Vocation Career preferences and emphases are indicated by certain elements and configurations of those elements. This can guide career choices and if followed the chances of success in that area are increased.

Professional Practitioners and Consulting – Four Pillars highlight personal characteristics. This can assist practitioners and professionals in the understanding of clients and give insight and depth into their concerns. A great advantage therefore into how to help them and how to make balance.

Employers – Assessing the birth chart of a potential employee can help in selection of the appropriate person for a particular position. Does a person have certain qualities and characteristics that are not only suitable for a position but also indicate compatibility with the goals and aims of the company.

Choosing Auspicious dates for events – Additionally the dynamics of a Four Pillars chart and one of its advantages is that it can be used in selection of auspicious dates to maximize success for an event. For example, for opening ceremonies, beginning events, marriage, travelling times, buying homes, signing important contracts, investing etc. This is a skill highly regarded by the Chinese and involves reference to an additional Chinese calendar called the Chinese Almanac for selecting auspicious dates.

Applications to Feng Shui – Particular to Four Pillars Astrology is its application to the science of Feng Shui. The two sciences are traditionally taught simultaneously in the Chinese curriculum in Hong Kong as they have an intimate and complimentary relationship. Feng Shui is the study of our relationship to the external environment and then applying this knowledge to buildings so that they enhance and support our personal energetics. As Four Pillars is based upon the Chinese system of the five elements, it indicates favourable and unfavourable elements, this giving an indication of Feng Shui requirements. Therefore specific recommendations of colour, decor and objects can be made to harmonise and improve a persons living environment.

Recommendations for choice of geographical living environment can also be made – For example the choice can be made to live near water (water element), inland (earth element), desert (fire and earth element), forested areas (wood element) etc depending upon the balancing energetic characteristics of the person. Critically insight into the Four Pillars can give the indications as to why a person is experiencing challenges or difficulties. 

Applications to Health (Eight limbs of Traditional Chinese Medicine) –  As Four Pillars is elementally based, our relationship to the physical and energetic environment can be ascertained as the elements that are reflected in nature, as well as the cosmological environment. Four Pillars of Destiny is considered to be one of the eight limbs of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). As such one of the strengths is ascertaining health qualities and trends, and thus recommendations can be made accordingly. Specific healing modalities particular to a client’s energetic makeup can also be identified to facilitate the healing process. The other seven limbs of Traditional Chinese Medicine which Four Pillars of Destiny compliments are 1. Acupuncture, 2. Dietary energetics, 3 Moxibustion, 4 Oriental massage, 5 Herbs, 6 Tai Chi/ Qi Gung & 7 Feng Shui.

Did you know:

  • Those who need to win have fire as dominant element.
  • Those who need to be right metal is dominant
  • Those who need to be comfortable earth is dominant
  • Like to be liked wood is dominant.
  • Your year born shares how you think and feel, along with your logic.
  • Your month born shares quality of your life and how you perceive things.
  • Your day born shares the your mindset,beliefs and about your spouse.
  • Your hour born shares about your ideas and actions you take.

What to expect from your Chinese Astrology consultation :

  • Prior to your appointment date, i will need your date and hour of birth.
  • Day of consultation i will bring along to your address of choice a detailed report of your chart analyses for you to keep, along with plenty of other relevant resource material relevant to your particular birth chart.
  • The consultation will run for 1-1/2 to 2 hours. 
  • You will walk away from your consultation with plenty of knowledge on the 5 elements and which element you are. You will have clarity on future food groups and diets you should consider, careers, colours, environments, home decor and hobbies that best suit your element. We will go through a thorough breakdown of your 4 pillars of destiny chart, talking about your relationships with individual family members as well as your 10 year luck cycles plus most of the information mentioned above. 


Investment for consultation – $180 (Please note this price includes all travel costs)