Have you ever heard of a Blessed Blue Gathering???

Blessed Blue gatherings are great when having a housewarming, bridal shower, birthdays, kitchen tea, moving party, baby showers, right of passage parties for new mammas, womens circles or for absolutely any occasion that you like. In fact there is no particular occasion required and you are welcome to book and host one just to have a catch up with your friends.

Package One – The party host chooses a location and invites their guests, they can be hosted almost anywhere, home, function centers, restaurants, park picnics, the beach, absolutely any location is possible.

The duration of the gathering can run for as long as you like, as long as there is a minimum of 6 paying guests attending. Most gatherings usually run between 3-4 hours, but often go over : )

There is NO FEE for the party host to book and each attending guest simply pays for the service they would like to choose from on the day. 

Your guests can choose from a few of the following: 

Private Four Pillars of Destiny reading (20 minutes) 

Evil Eye Clearing – Turkish Lead Pouring Energy Clearing (30 minutes) 

Energy Sound and Smudge Clearing (30 Minutes) 

Mini Feng Shui consultation of the individuals own property (20 minutes – Floor plan of the site is required) 

Mini Consultation on building a Feng Shui designed home, flying stars at the homes entry, interior design and architecture questions answered based on the home occupants 5 elements (30 minutes) 

Coffee Readings (20 minutes) 

A blessed Blue party is a great add on to any social event, while you and your guests are celebrating and socializing, the individual sessions take place behind the scenes ensuring your guests are experiencing something rare and unique and are truly entertained. 

Before the short individual sessions take place, we gather together for a small ceremony where i talk about some great things you can implement into your daily lives to protect your energy, clearing yourself from the evil eye and how to create sacred spaces at your home.

The gatherings are very informative and unique and i am happy to answer any feng shui, real estate/building biology, metaphysical, spiritual and energy clearing questions on the day in between guest bookings. It is also encouraged for notes to be taken on the day. 

Workshop Style Gatherings – Separate to the above individual booking style gatherings. With the workshop style gatherings I can tailor them to suit whatever talk topics you are interested in for your guests. The party host simply invites the guests to your choice of location and we run the workshop based on the talk topics agreed on by the host.

These workshops run for 4-5 hours.

The workshop gatherings are great for a group of friends wanting to learn more about Sacred Space Clearing methods, Feng Shui, Geomancy (earth acupuncture) Metaphysical Healing Modalities and energy clearing from other cultures. (Minimum of 6 guests required) It is also encouraged for notes to be taken on the day

Group Healing Session on 1 individual – This option is most commonly selected for mammas that have just given birth or by a maid of honour or bridesmaid for a bride to be. This session runs for 3-4 hours and only has a one off booking fee of $400 for groups under 8 and $800 for groups over 8.

We gather in circle around the individual and i facilitate the group to perform a united space and energy clearing for the individual. It really is one of my most favourite sessions to perform as it unites women and gives the new mum, bride etc the energetic and tribal support they need from fellow loved ones during some of the most important periods of their lives. As always this package can be tailored and themed to suit your occasion.

To find out more or to just simply have a chat about any questions you might have please get in touch. 

Please Note: If you would like a practitioner that specializes in essential oils or other metaphysical practices  to come along on the day as an add on service please let me know as this is also possible to arrange. 

Stay Blessed – Hale Oney 


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