Tapping into ‘Right Timing’

Date selection works with the energies that change throughout the year, months, days, hours to pinpoint a very precise timing for individuals to undertake certain activities. At some point in our lives we have all experienced days where everything just falls into place and goes right and also those days when everything goes wrong and you wish you hadn’t got up! With Feng Shui we are looking at the energy of right timing to enable you to maximise your chances of success for a particular activity.

Feng Shui is earth luck, man luck is your own personal birth chart and heaven luck is timing. When you use the right timing and location, you can alter your circumstances. Date Selection is defined as a metaphysical science that allows us to select a date, on which the energy on that day will best support a particular activity to maximize its chances of success. Date Selection also is used with Feng Shui in helping to remove a negative problem in a residence or business.

Science shows that the earth, moon, stars and other planets in our solar system produce energy as they orbit around the sun. As do the celestial bodies beyond our milky way. Galileo (1564-1642), and other astrophysicists have long proven that the constellations do generate energy and gravitational forces. These celestial bodies exert energies upon one another influencing the flow of our universe. Then the Chinese began to study the interaction between the forces exerted in the constellations and how these forces influenced mankind and the natural phenomena on earth. They documented these findings thoroughly for future reference and research and Zi Re (date selection) was born. Chinese Emperors relied on Date Selection for matters of state, warfare, planting crops, and political affairs.

Personal Date Selection allows us to select the most suitable date for undertaking a specific activity or endeavor, by using our BaZi (Birth Chart). This approach can be used for any activity from selecting a date for a wedding, surgery, job interview, contract signing, or a meeting between heads of state, to allow maximum success.Feng Shui Date Selection allows us to select the best date to move into a new house or open a business, so we can activate and tap into the optimum success for as long as you live there or run the business. Both allow us to make the most of the positive energy on a good date, to maximize our chances of success in all areas of our life.

Dates can be selected for almost anything:

Selingl a house

Getting married 

Launch a new business or product / service

Go on a date

Move into a new home / business premises

Commence building work

Sending off an application

Job interview

Send off a school or university application

Planning a surgery

Planning a C – section birth

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Investment for date selection  $80 

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