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Gratitude and Value

We should always exchange gratitude in advance of getting something, whether it be from a person or the life-giving energy of Feng Shui called Chi.

We also exchange value for services or goods provided, regardless of our need for what we receive. We can pay for those goods or services with money, return of other services, other goods, etc. But, nothing of value in life comes for free. The same is true with Feng Shui.

Along with a sad story, an acquaintance recently asked me to take a look at their home and provide Feng Shui advice for free.  And I reluctantly agreed.

I get these sad stories and requests all of the time. After all, rarely do people seek out Feng Shui advice when everything in life is perfect. Many people seeking a Feng Shui consultant’s advice are having difficulty with money and have relationship, health or career challenges. These are the aspects of their lives that they want to change. This not only applies to Feng Shui but with Geomancey, Space Clearings and Building Biology as well. 

From my experience, those who don’t pay consulting fees don’t truly value the consultant’s experience and expertise in Feng Shui. They tend to second-guess their consultant’s advice, which often makes things worse. It happens every time.

But, when people truly follow good Feng Shui advice, they seriously end up with more wealth, improved health, stronger relationships and more harmonious living and working environments. 

Road Map to Success

As it pertains to your personal life, think of professional Feng Shui advice as a road map. If you were at your hotel and received directions from the concierge on how to drive to the local 5-star restaurant, you don’t stop following the directions after the first or second turn.

Rather, you need to follow the directions until you reach your desired destination. Otherwise, you may end up someplace else entirely… and potentially in a very unsafe neighborhood!

Feng Shui is like a road map with directions to get from where you are to where you want to be. Just as with Google Maps, there are multiple ways to get to your destination.

If you go to three different Feng Shui consultants, you may very well get three different schools of advice on how to change your life, just as you may get differing directions from three different hotel employees to get to that 5-star restaurant.

Does that mean that any of those consultants or hotel employees are wrong? Absolutely not!

Should you, however, take only part of any one set of advice or even take parts of everyone’s advice? Probably not. You may end up much worse than you started.

Your Next Steps

If you are looking to make real positive change in your life:

1) Find someone you trust, whether it is a Feng Shui consultant, a life coach or a potential mentor.
2) Offer them something for the effort they are putting in to help you, whether it is their consulting or coaching fee, a nice lunch, a bunch of flowers or a service that you are possibly able to provide for them? 
3) When they accept to help you, take their advice seriously. Take notes, ask questions, and make sure you completely understand all of the steps necessary to make the changes you need to take.
4) Implement their advice — step-by-step. Do not skip anything.
5) Be patient and double-check to make sure you followed all of the steps correctly.
6) If you have questions, just go back and ask.

By applying Feng Shui remedies to your home, you can truly activate positive energy for your homes and businesses. With Feng Shui, you can increase opportunities to meet the right people who can help you with the hardships your are facing and completely change your homes energy around. Feng Shui applied correctly to a home and understanding your Chinese destiny element is truly life changing. 

Chinese Astrology Bazi also known as Four Pillars of Destiny, uses a person’s birthday and birth time to construct a Four Pillars chart. By interpreting this data, I can help decipher your chart and identify where you are at in your life journey and which direction you should take.

What I need from you for a Free Consultation is to first of all please be sincere about why you are needing a free consultation. I like to offer this service to those that are really experiencing financial hardship so please hold off on applying for this service if you do not meet this criteria. . 

To Apply, please email me the following at : 

  • Your Name
  • Your date of birth, including birth time and the city and country you were born. Please provide your gender as well.
  • A scale floor plan of your home.
  • Address of your home. So I can use google maps/compass to access the facing compass direction of your home. If you are nearby, I don’t mind coming onsite to complete the audit.
  • Tell me the setbacks you are facing.
I complete 1 of these free services each month and will notify you by email if you have been selected.
Stay Blessed
Hale Oney

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